Top 10 Stationery Products of 2022

Top 10 Stationery Products of 2022

We've collabed with the lovely Jennie from Olive & Mabel, to share her favourite small business stationery finds from 2022. 

Hey, I’m Jennie, the owner of Olive & Mabel. My business is powered by my love for independent small businesses, so I was super excited to round up some of my favourite products from small businesses in 2022!  


  1. Lately Studio – Sticker Print Washi Tape

 I absolutely adore washi tape, so when Lately Studio shared this gorgeous design I had to grab some for myself. I love the 70’s style that is used across all of lately’s products, especially this super cute fruit sticker inspired washi.  

Find here at Lately Studio's website

lately studio sticker print washi tape
  1.  Callisto Design – Greetings Cards

I’m a total sucker for greetings cards, I love sending and receiving them and Eva always has such gorgeous and unique designs available. I have a selection of cards from Callisto tucked away in my drawers so that I always have one on hand for birthdays, anniversaries and even Christmas (I’m extra prepared, Christmas 2023 here I come)  

Find here at Callisto Design's website

greeting card from Callisto Designs
  1. Amy Cole Studio – List Notepad

Writing down notes or making to do lists is something I do pretty much every day! I love finding list pads from small businesses as they always have such cute colours, patterns and styles. This list pad from Amy Cole Studio is my absolute fave. I love that its long so I can write down a bunch of tasks! The one I have linked below is a seconds – I think the perfect ones have sold out.  

Find here at Amy Cole Studio's website

Amy Cole Studio's seconds notepad


  1. Jade Holly Design – Washi Tapes

I could not narrow it down to one specific roll of washi tape from Jade Holly Design. Their style is so cutesy and doodly. One of my most recent faves was the Christmas doodle washi tape! It has so many cute, festive illustrations on it, with little flecks of gold foil too.  

Find here at Jade Holly Design's website

jade holly design's washi tape
  1. Edwina & Olive – EVERYTHING!!! 

So I don’t actually own anything from Edwina & Olive, but I absolutely adore everything Poppy designs and creates. I have a bunch of her products in my basket – I’m just waiting to treat myself. She has some of the most adorable pins and washi tape. My fave pin/s would have to be the happy post pin set.  

Find here at Edwina & Olive's Etsy shop

edwina and olive's post box enamel pin


  1. Nutmeg & Arlo – Postcards

In my opinion, postcards are hugely underrated! They’re one of my fave things to buy and they’re always super affordable. They make great prints, inserts in journals and of course to write cute little messages to your friends in the mail. I love the “You are first class” postcard from Nutmeg & Arlo, it’s one of many in my collection!  

Find here at Nutmeg & Arlo's website

nutmeg and arlo's postcard print


  1. Modern & Analog – Sticker Sheets

This is a very recent find for me, but boy am I glad I stumbled across this amazing business. I did a swap with the lovely Erika and when my box of goodies arrived I fell in love with everything. The sticker sheets are incredibly unique and unlike anything I have come across before. The quality is just amazing too and I’ve already used a bunch of the stickers in my journal.  

Find here at Modern & Analog's website

the modern journaler sticker sheets


  1. Emily Harvey Art – Dare to Dream Big Sticker

Emily is someone who I have followed since the very beginning of my own small business journey. She always pushes the message “Dare to Dream Big” and has created stickers and pins with the quote on. I adore my sticker; the quality is amazing and the message is a great daily reminder for when I am struggling with self-doubt.  

Find here at Emily Harvey Art's website

Emily Harvey art's dare to dream big sticker


  1. Graffiti Trash Studio – Art Print

If kawaii is your style, then you’ll love Graffiti Trash! I’ve placed a couple orders and have loved everything. The art prints are stunning, with such wonderful messages too. I have a bunch of them around my office and even some of the smaller postcard sized ones in my journals.  

Find here at Graffiti Trash Studio's Etsy shop

graffiti trash studio's etsy shop


  1. Olive & Mabel – Washi Tapes

I feel like I have to include myself on this list. I have worked super hard this year (just like every other small business out there) and one of my biggest business dreams come true. I got to work on a washi tape collab with The Washi Tape Club (The Paper Lobster). I designed 2 tapes that were featured in their subscription box and that’re also now available on my website!  

Find here at Olive & Mabel's website

olive and Mabel's creative juice washi tape


I’d love to hear about some of your favourite small business finds of 2022! Follow me on Instagram @oliveandmabelco and pop me a DM to share your fave businesses with me  

Looking for more small business stationery? Read the blog post by our founder, Aiesha, on Jennie's website: 

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