Managing Your Chronic Illness

Managing Your Chronic Illness

Welcome to the second blog post in our all new mental health series! If you missed our original Instagram post, Coral & Ink is changing, we've decided that alongside our super cute stationery it was important to share and promote the importance of mental health and self-care hence why we started this new series of sharing YOUR personal stories and experiences!

In this blog post the lovely Erin from @errosest as she talks about the challenges she faces of running a business alongside managing her chronic illness:

Running a business is super challenging. Doing that with a chronic illness? A WHOLEEE OTHER STORY.

I was diagnosed with M.E / CFS in 2019 after about 10 years of back and forth to the doctors (screaming internally). Honestly, it has been sooo hard to live with. But, I try not to let it consume me.

I set up Errosest in the same year - with a goal of prioritising happiness and doing what I love (designing). I had hoped that being self employed would help my CFS but thus far, I am still a very tired cub. Everyday is a STRUGGLE. I'm faced with exhaustion, nausea, migraines, brain fog, pain, blurred vision. At least 5/6 of those symptoms appear everyday.

But, here I am. I'm really tired but I'm trying my best, with the tools that I've got. And I think that is bloody commendable.

You'll often hear of excessively motivational day routines, wake up at 5, do 100 things before 7. We as humans are so easily influenced and guilt tripped into doing something that we actually don't want (or need to do). For fully healthy folk that is really hard. For those with illnesses, it's horrible. One thing I am super passionate about is working with what you've got and finding a routine that suits YOU.

If you wake up one morning and feel like death warmed up, forcing yourself to work through it isn't wise (despite what people say). Rest rest and rest. Your body is telling you to slow down.

Get some energy in the evening? Do what you can! You don't need to follow the same routine as others. Night owls are just as productive as the early birds.

Need a big long break at lunch? Do it. Allow yourself the time to recuperate. Just because your fave influencer has a 30m coffee break does not mean that you have to, too.

Know you're going to miss a deadline for a client? Let them know and explain your circumstances. People are *generally* super kind. They won't want you to burn yourself into the ground on their behalf. Just be honest. I'd also recommend having a chat with them in the initial stages, let them know about your condition. This will vet out any people who are unsympathetic and quite frankly, are a red flag! We want to work with kind people.

You aren't alone in this. There are so many people with underlying issues fighting the same battle you face. Please treat your mind and your body kindly and do what's best for you!

Remember, you aren't your illness. You are an amazing human who is doing what they can. That my friend, is good enough. 

Make sure to head to Erin's Instagram page and give her a follow! She creates the most amazing branding 

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