back to school 5 reasons to be excited written in pink and 5 images below of a cat pencil case, milk correction tape, bubble tea keychains, cat gel pens and a popsicle highlighter set

Back to School: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

With students across the UK ending home learning and coming back to school over the next few weeks, we thought we would combine our top 5 stationery and accessory must haves to get you excited about going back to school.


 Back to school 5 reasons to be excited written in pink. Below it are 5 images of cat pencil cases, milk correction tape, bubble tea keychains, cat gel pens and popsicle highlighters


1. Cat Gel Pens

Every student needs a good pen, from writing study or lecture notes to filling in worksheets, and these cat pens are just what you need. They each have an adorable cat face or paw on the top giving you a reason to smile in even the most dullest of lessons. The black gel ink is also super smooth to write with so you can enjoy working whilst writing with them.

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2. Milk Bottle Correction Tape

We all make mistakes when writing and rather than crossing out that mistake and having to ruin your perfectly neat notes or run out of space on a worksheet simply glide these super cute correction tapes over your mistake and then write over it straight away. You don't have to wait for it to dry and you won't make a mess as you would with liquid correction pens.

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3. Popsicle Highlighters

Whether you use them to decorate your notes, to highlight important text whilst reading or even to highlighter parts of a question when your in an exam, these highlighters will become your new study staple. There are 6 colours per pack in different pastel and neon colours and each is shaped as a popsicle!

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4. Bubble Milk Tea Keychains

Whether you use it as a charm on your bag pack or for your locker or even car keys, these super cute keychains will be sure to put a smile on your face. Each has an adorable smiley face Boba milk tea, a pink fob and a mini milk bottle charm. 

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5. Plush Cat Pencil Case

Your going to need somewhere to store all your new stationery and what better place than this super cute, and super soft, plush cat pencil case. They are available in 5 different cat styles so you can choose your favourite, it could even match your pet cat, or you could just collect them all!

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Amazing Items. They are all so cute and catchy ❤

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