My Top 10 Instagram Bullet Journal Artists To Follow

My Top 10 Instagram Bullet Journal Artists To Follow

Whether you just started bullet journaling and need some help or you've been journaling for years and you've hit a journal block, it can be really inspirational just to look through other artists journal spreads to spark your creativity and get you back to journaling in no time!

Here are my top 10 journaling accounts for you to follow to get inspiration for your own bullet journal!


my top bullet journal instagram accounts to follow

1. @megnotes

@meg.notes September bullet journal spread@meg.notes August bullet journal spread

Meg creates some of the most beautiful journal spreads and posts about them on her social media channels. We're loving her bold and colourful style!

She also posts some great bullet journaling tutorial videos that are perfect for helping you to get your journaling creativity back!

Find her on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube @meg.notes


2. @sunshine_journal_

@sunshine_journal_'s September monthly overview bullet journal spread@sunshine_journal_'s August bullet journal cover page

We're loving the dreamy, pastel style by Claudia! Her cute and aesthetic spreads are sure to inspire you to create your own dreamy Pinterest worthy spreads!

Find her on Instagram @sunshine_journal_


3.'s September bullet journal cover's September bullet journal monthly overview

If you prefer more neutral beige themed spreads Filo has the perfect account for you to follow! She uses the perfect mix of beiges, browns and other neutral colours to create the most beautiful aesthetic spreads.

Find her on Instagram and Youtube


4. @glaizajournals

@glaizajournals 6 ring binder journal spread@glaizajournals 3 ring binder journal spread

If you journal in a ring binder rather than a traditional bullet journal Glaiza's page is perfect for you! She creates the cutest journal entries in her 6 ring and 3 ring binders, using a mix of stickers, washi tapes and pens.

Find her on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok @glaizajournals


5. @mashaplans

@mashaplans November bullet journal cover page@mashaplans podcasts bullet journal entry

Not only does Masha share the prettiest journal spreads on her Instagram, but she also has a whole website full of free printables and courses to get you started or back into bullet journaling!

Find her on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Youtube @mashaplans


6. @bujowithpau

@bujowithpau's September bullet journal cover page@bujowithpau's May bullet journal cover page

@bujowithpau creates the most amazing artistic journal spreads and she even posts short video showing you the process of how she created them! If your trying to increase the amount you draw and illustrate in your journal make sure to give her a follow!

Find her on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube @bujowithpau


7. @bulletsandconfetti

@bulletsandconfetti minimalist march bullet journal spread@bulletsandconfetti minimalist march bullet journal spread

Silje has gone back to basics with her bullet journal and is creating the most beautiful minimalist journal spreads. She's shown us how less can most definitely be as good as more when it comes to bullet journalling!

Find her on Instagram @bulletsandconfetti


8. @alisonbujos

@allisonbujos august bullet journal cover page@alisonbujos September bullet journal assignments tracker

Alison never ceases to amaze us every month with her beautiful and colourful journal spreads! From hearts, to balloons, to mushrooms and more, she's created a vast array of different themes that will make the perfect inspiration for your own journal!

Find her on Instagram @alisonbujos


9. @ameliasjournal

@ameliasjournal august weekly bullet journal spread@ameliasjournal July monthly bullet journal spread

Amelia combines the very best of minimalist spreads and neutral colours to create beautiful and aesthetic Pinterest worthy spreads every time!

Find her on Instagram and YouTube @ameliasjournal


10. @coralandink

Coral and Ink's purple sunflower bullet journal

We post lots of bullet journal inspo on our Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts, make sure to follow us @coralandink for more 😊


I hope you enjoyed this list of our favourite bullet journalists, make sure to check out all of their account and give them a follow!

Let us know some of your favourite bullet journal accounts to follow in the comments so that we all can get to know some more amazing artists and journalers!
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