How to bullet journal if you can't draw

How to bullet journal if you can't draw

Bullet journals are mainly associated with drawing and being artistically talented, however, just because you can't draw it doesn't mean you can't start a bullet journal!

Here are our tips if you want to bullet journal but can't draw.


1. Keep it minimalist

Minimalist spreads are super simple to create and sometimes can even look better than all out doodle spreads.

You can tailor how minimalist your journal is to your own skill set. For example if you have some drawing skills you can try to make a cute minimalist doodle theme involving something easy to draw, such as clouds or flowers; on the other hand if you really don't want to draw anything, you can try just including text like the spread below.


minimalist bullet journal

2. Try using stickers or stamps instead of text

If you think your handwriting isn't as good as you'd like it to be in your journal you can try swapping out your own handwriting for some stickers or stamps.

These months of the year stamps are a beautiful way to swap out your own handwriting, you can shop them here


coral and ink's months of the year stamp set
Alternatively, these super cute sticker sheets are another great way to swap out your handwriting.
They come in 3 styles, alphabet, days of the week, and months, and they also come in 6 colours, so you can use them throughout your journal. 
You can shop them here
Coral and Ink's journal sticker sheets

3. Use washi tapes and stickers to decorate

As well as swapping out your own handwriting for stickers, you can also remove the task of doodling all together and just use washi tapes and stickers to decorate your journal.

Below are some amazing examples showing how effective it can turn out.

Washi tape decorated journal
sticker decorated journal

4. Watch some YouTube tutorials

If you are really struggling with the drawing and doodling side journaling you can try to watch some bullet journal YouTube videos, such as tutorials or monthly spread setups.

Below is a minimalist spread we made on our own YouTube channel for 2022 featuring easy to draw clouds.

 If you want some more bullet journaling videos you can check out our Bullet Journaling playlist filled with lots of different and easy bullet journaling spreads.


5. Just have fun

It's easy to look at instagram bullet journalists and think your journal has to be as perfect as theirs' even though you've just started.

Remember, like anything, bullet journaling takes practice, you won't become a journaling master on your first spread.

Just try to have fun rather than stressing about creating mind-blowing spreads.  It’s okay to make mistakes and nothing needs to be perfect.



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I’ve wanted to bullet journal for agggggeeeeeessss but I’m no artist and thats held me back for a long time. I started a few days ago and came here for stationary and inspiration. This has really helped me find my feet!!!! Thank you so much!