My Back to School Must-Haves

My Back to School Must-Haves

It's August, which means it's that time of the year again to prepare to go back to school!

It can be a bit overwhelming seeing different stationery stores, YouTubers, and Instagramers advertising lots of different stationery, making you spend lots of money without know what you really need. Therefore, I decided to create this blog post to show you everything you need to go back to school (and nothing you don't!).


1. Pens

You can't go back to school without a pen to write with! But there are so many different kinds of pens it can be hard to know which one to pick, below are some of my favourites.

0.5mm Muji Style Gel Pens

This set of pens is perfect as it comes with every colour you would need for school all in one pack. The pens are also really smooth to write with and have a thin nib so will help you to keep your handwriting neat.

Shop here for £11.99

Muji style gel pens from coral and ink

Erasable Avocado Gel Pens

These cute little gel pens are also perfect for back to school. They don't tend to be as inky as the Muji style pens and so they won't smudge as much, making them perfect for left handers! They also have a little eraser on the other side of the pen and so if you make a mistake you can just erase it away.

Shop here for £3.10

erasable avocado gel pens

Ice cream gel pens

If you're looking for a set of good black pens, these ice cream gel pen sets are perfect. Each set comes with 5 black ink gel pens all in cute pastel shade pen bodies. They are really smooth to write with and make the perfect daily pen for school.

Shop here for £5.99

Coral and Ink's minty fresh ice cream black ink gel pen sets


2. Highlighters

I don't know about you, but, highlighters are my favourite part of my pencil case, they are perfect for helping you read through articles and worksheets in class, to annotate books and even to highlight questions in exams.

There are lots of different kinds of highlighters you can get and whichever one you choose depends on personal preference.

Here are some of my favourites:

Pastel Sweet Shaped Highlighters

These cute little sweet shaped highlighters are perfect for school, they're small so they'll fit in your pencil case and they're also double sided so you have a highlighter and marker pen in 1!

In my opinion the best thing about these highlighters is that they're pastel!

Shop here for £6.50

Coral and Ink's pastel sweet shaped highlighters

Milkliner Highlighter Pen Set

These highlighter pens come with 12 different colours, in a mix of neon and more muted shades! They're also double sided and so are another perfect highlighter to use for school and save you space in your pencil case.

Shop here for £11.99

Coral and Ink's milliner highlighter pens


3. Erasers & Correction Tape

If you're like me and you are constantly making writing mistakes, then you can't go back to school without an eraser and correction tape.

I know some schools don't allow students to use correction tape and so then I would recommend you get an erasable gel pen so that you can keep your notes neat and easily remove mistakes.

Here are some of my favourite erasers and correction tapes

Cat Paw Eraser

This cute little eraser has a push up bar on the side that allows you to pull the eraser up and down and so will help you to keep your pencil case and desk clean.

It also has the cutest little cat paw topper and you can choose from 4 colours.

Shop here for £3.99

Coral and Ink's cute cat paw shaped eraser

Kawaii Animal Roller Erasers

These super adorable mini erasers are compact so that they'll fit in your pencil case, and have a cute animal case to prevent eraser bits getting in your pencil case.

They also have a roller on the other side that you can use to roll away any excess eraser bits on your desk.

Shop here for £2.99

Coral and Ink's kawaii animal roller erasers

Cat Paw 2-in-1 Correction & Glue Tape

These adorable correction tapes will not only match your cat paw erasers, but are perfect for removing all your pen writing mistakes without making a mess!

Unlike correction fluid, you don't need to wait for correction tape to dry and you can write on top of it straight away.

They are perfect for saving space in your pencil case, as they also have a glue tape on the opposite end and so you'll have 2 school supplies in 1! 

Shop here for £5.99

 Coral and Ink's 2-in-1 cat paw correction and glue tape


4. Notebooks

Another big back to school must-have is notebooks. Whether your school provides you with exercise folders and books or not you will still need to have your own notebooks to keep all your revision notes inside.

Here are some of my favourites:

Kawaii Animal A5 Spiral Notebooks

These notebooks are adorable and perfect for school. There are 4 designs to choose from and so you can have one notebook per subject or topic.

Inside the notebooks is wide lined paper, the perfect style paper for note taking.

Shop the whole set here for £29.99

Coral and Ink's kawaii animal spiral A5 notebooks

B5 Loose Leaf Binder Notebooks

These notebooks are amazing for keeping all your revision notes inside, there are 4 colours, and so again you can colour co-ordinate the notebooks to your different subjects.

The best part about these notebooks is that the spine is removable, and so you can easily add and remove pages to your notebook!

Shop here for £13.50

Coral and Ink's B5 loose leaf binder notebooks

B5 Kawaii Animal Exercise Books

If you're not a fan of lined paper these kawaii notebooks are a perfect alternative. These notebooks come with square grid paper which is perfect for maths and more numeric subjects, but also for keeping your notes neat.

Shop here for £6.99

Coral and Ink's kawaii animal B5 exercise school notebooks


5. Planners

At school my planner was EVERYTHING, it's so important to stay organised through school by writing down all your homework and important dates so you don't forget anything.

Here are some of my favourite planners for the new year:

Weekly Undated Pink Planner

This planner is the perfect planner for school, it's undated and so you can start the planner at anytime, and it also has monthly spreads as well as weekly spreads so it'll be easier to keep on top of your life.

The planner is also hardback and so it'll be easier to keep it in good condition, whilst taking it everywhere with you.

Shop here for £22.99

Coral and Ink's pink weekly undated planner

Kawaii Animal Journal

This cute planner is perfect for you if you like to have a bit more freedom with your planner. 

It has a mix of pre-made weekly and monthly planner spreads and blank and decorated pages, so you can swap between having a structured planner and making your own pages!

The cover is a soft feel material and has a magnetic closure ensuring it will stay shut and tidy in your bags.

Shop here for £12.99

Coral and Ink's kawaii animal bear journal planner

Bullet Journals

If you're creative and want to have your own personalised planner, a bullet journal is perfect for you.

You can create your own planner spreads and personalise them to your needs.

We have 2 different bullet journals for you to choose from, both have thick 160gsm paper and so are perfect for markers and thicker pens.

Shop here for £19.99

Coral and Ink's summer purple polaroid journal

Coral and Ink's white polaroid bullet journal


6. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can be really useful for revising and planning your school work. I find they can really aid my note taking.

Here are some of my essential sticky notes:

Page Extending Sticky Notes

These sticky notes can be really useful for note taking if you always have extra information to add to your notes, but don't have any space to add it and don't want to ruin them.

Simply write down the extra information you need on the sticky notes and then stick it onto the side of the page of your notes and you can easily add extra information to your notes without ruining the neatness.

Shop here for £3.99

Coral and Ink's page extending sticky notes

Transparent Sticky Notes

These sticky notes have gone viral over social media, especially TikTok, they are perfect for revising.

You can either use them in your textbooks to annotate them without causing damage to the books, or you can use them to copy diagrams and images into your notes.

Shop here for £3.99

Coral and Ink's transparent sticky notes


7. Pencil Cases

You're going to need something to hold all your new stationery, and it's really important to choose the right pencil case, it all depends on how much space you need, what designs you like and if you like to have separate compartments or not.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Large Capacity Pencil Case

This pencil case is perfect if you have lots of stationery and need a place to hold it all without it getting lost or unorganised.

The pencil case has lots of different compartments and zips to hold all your stationery, and it also has an extendable compartment so you can adjust the pencil case to fit your needs.

Shop here for £14.99

 Coral and Ink's large capacity pencil case

Clear Holographic Pencil Case

I know some schools need you to have clear pencil cases and so this clear holographic pencil case is perfect to hold all your stationery whilst still looking cute and aesthetic.

Shop here for £9.99

 Coral and Ink's clear holographic pencil case

Pop Up Pencil Cases

These pencil cases are perfect if you work at a desk, but also on the go. 

The pencil case has an adjustable top part that can be moved up and down allowing you to pop it up when you're on the go and down when you're at a desk to create a pen pot!

Shop here for £12.99

Coral and Ink's pop up pencil case


Still Looking For More?

We have a whole new collection full of our favourite back to school supplies that you can shop now, here.

Or, if you're looking for more back to school inspo, make sure to check out our social media channels where we post daily student content 😊